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Ozone Tools

Alt. Energy

IR / US Tools

1. O3 (Ozone) Oxidation

Ozone is a powerful tool with over 4000 uses that can purify, disinfect, and neutralize impurities without leaving harmful residue. By using ozone, we can reduce dependence on harmful chemicals and create a more sustainable world. Water utilities, wastewater treatment plants, industrial laundries, food detoxifying systems, and air purifiers are already benefiting from this technology. Adopting ozone can help protect the environment, promote community health, and ensure a brighter future.

O3 Air-Purifier
O3 Air-Purifier
O3 Food Detox
O3 Air & Water
O3 Food Detox
O3 Water Sys
Medical O3 Dis.
Ind. Food Detox
O3 Laundry unit
FactorO3 80g/hr
Factory Ozone
Wall Mount O3
O3 Air Purifier
Waste Water O3

2. Alternate Energy Systems

Recent technological advancements have made it possible to efficiently harness energy from renewable sources such as solar, wind, and water. Utilizing these alternative energy sources not only helps lower costs, but also helps to minimize the environmental impact of traditional energy sources. In conjunction with the grid, which is ideal for high current loads, alternative energy sources can meet the energy needs of businesses and homes in a cost-effective manner. By incorporating smaller, less expensive devices and complete systems that utilize renewable energy sources, your business or home can take important steps towards a sustainable future.

Solar+Wind unit
Power Bat. Wall
Solar System
Solar System
Solar Roof Tiles
Foldable Solar
Flexible Panels
Solar Lighting
Car Bat. Bank
Wind Power Sys
Flexible Panels
Flex Solar Kit
Solar Generator
System-Off Grid
Pwr.Station 4kW
2kW LED Lamp
LED Solar Light

3. IR & US Imaging

Infrared and ultrasonic imaging can help keep machines running well. This means they can protect against fires in warehouses and stop machines breaking down. Ultra Sound Tools can also help by making sure machines are in the right place and working correctly. By checking how much oil the machines need, people can avoid problems before they happen. These new technologies are a really good way to keep machines running smoothly and to save money on repairs.

IR Phone Attch.
IR Themometer
IR Camera
IR Cammera
IR i-phone Unit
IR Image+Meter
IR phone Unit
IR PCB Repair
Hand IR Tool
IR Phone Repair
Precise IR Tool
Pricese IR
IR Wall Scanner
Ultra-Sound tool
US Flaw Ditect.

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