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We Propose a Few Rare, Technology Based Devices and Tools to Efficiently Optimize and Reduce Cost of Doing any Small Medium or Large Business.

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O3 (Ozone) Oxidation

Ozone Has Over 4000 Tried & Tested Uses in Purification, Disinfection & Neutralizing Complex Chemicals in Air, Water and Food an Healt Care. Only Residue After Oxidizing is Oxygen. O3 Is Widely Used by Water Utilities, Wastewater Plants, Ind. Laundry, Food Detox and Air Purification Jobs, Without Using Any Chemicals
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  • O3 will Eliminate all Bad-Smell & Fungus in Interior Air
  • Purify Drinking, Wash, Pool, Process, Laundry & Waste Water with Ease
  • Break-down Chemical Toxins in Meat, Fish, Vege. & Fruits
  • O3, being Unstable, will React (Oxidize) back to become O2 again
  • Break Big Smell, Chemical, Toxin etc. Molecules in Air, Water & Food
  • Break Microbe Cell Walls & Destroy them without Chemicals
  • Cut Operating Costs of Laundry, Waste-Water, Drinking Water & All Bottling Plants 

Alternate Energy Systems

Using Energy from The Sun, Wind & Water are Easier Now Due to Advances in Technology. Smaller, Low-Cost Devices and Complete Systems to Quietly Provide 50% - 100% of Average Energy Needs of any Business or Home. We Propose Using the Grid for High Current Loads i.e., Motors & Machinery etc.
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  • Range of Devices to Tap Solar, Wind, Hydro, thanks to New Tech.
  • Energy Freedom for all User Sizes (Loads)
  • Solar Energy System Investment Will Pay back in 6-8 year @ today’s Rates
  • Equip. will Last 30-40 Years with Normal Use
  • Use Grid for Higher Current Loads & Alt. Energy for Lights etc.
  • Add New Battery Banks  like ‘TESLA Power Wall’ & Join a ‘Virtual Power Plant’ to Save & Sell Extra Power 
  • Fix Light Weight and Flexibles Panels on Temp. Roofs, Vehicles etc.

IR & US Imaging

Infra-Red (IR) aka Thermal Imaging and Ultra Sound (US) or Acoustic Imaging are Used to Audit Machine Health, Maintenance, Electrical Circuits, Plumbing, Cold Room & AC Systems, Vehicle Engines and Energy Leaks a Skilled Thermographer Can Even Predict Risks of Fire in Warehouses etc.
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  • Audit Energy Use, Machine Health & ‘Secret Signals’ of Machines
  • Stress-free Maintenance of Factory, Buildings, Vehicles, Electrical Circuits, Plumbing, Heaters, Coolers, HVAC, AC Ducts etc. 
  • Check Staff Health Regularly or During Sickness Periods 
  • Quickly Find & Correct Growing Faults Before a Breakdown
  • Diagnose PCBs, Electronic Equipment, Failing Electrical Joints, Steam-Traps, Potential Fire Hazards etc.
  • Easy Way to Monitor Machinery and Fix with Fixed Vision Cameras  
  • ‘Watch’ MacInnes In Operation for Advanced Fault Finding.


Smart Film, Also Known as Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals (PDLC) Film, is a Transparent Film Created by Dispersing Liquid Crystals in A Polymer. It Controls Visibility, Natural Light, UV Protection and Energy Saving and Can Be Easily Switched with A Small Voltage for Total Privacy.
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  • With a Small Current, Switch a Whole Area Private
  • Privacy On Demand is Ideal for Staff who must FOCUS
  • A Must Have for Teams Who Need Quality Time, Without Distraction.
  • From Board-Rooms to Lunch-Rooms to Labs and Factory Areas – to Cut Distractions & Boost Efficiency.
  • Disruptions Usually Cost Much More to Rectify After an Event has Occurred.
  • Manual-Worker to The CEO and Chairman Love and Need Privacy to Perform Diligently.
  • Ability To Switch Privacy Creates a Unified Atmosphere

ES AC-Filters

Central AC Filters With Micro Electro-Static Precipitators (MESP) Effectively Remove Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, PM2.5 Particles, Dust, Pollen, Soot, Smoke, And Other Contaminants from HVAC Air, Preventing Disease Spread Through AC Air. MESP Electrostatic Filters are Washable and Reusable.
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  • Germ-Less AC (HVAC) Air Staff and Visitors will Love
  • Electro Static Charges Attract & Kill Virus & Germs for Safe Office, Showroom, Factory, Hotel & Home
  • Stop Germs Entering AC Air and Spreading Sickness; ESP Filters Trap all Germs
  • Latest Electro-Static-Filters Destroy all Germs (Virus, Bacteria, Fungus including COVID) Dust, Pollen Etc. From Circulating Air in Your HVAC System.
  • Filters are ‘Wash and Use’ Reusable, So No Replacement Costs.
  • Less Dust Means Less Time & Money for Cleaning.
  • Due to a Unique Design, Filters Don’t Clog-Up and Block Air Flow, Causing Higher Electricity Cost.

3D Printing

After Patenting ‘Stereo Lithography’ in 1986, there are over 11 Additive Manufacturing Types to Produce with all Available Material. 3D Printing, a Great Cost Optimizer, Allows Distributed Manufacturing by Most Leading Mass- Producers.
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  • Vital Creating (Printer) & Quality-Control (Scanner) Tools for any Organization, Tradesman or Jobber
  • Over 10 Master Tech. Types of Printers to Print Using any Material.
  • Create with Simple & Complex Plastic, Glass, Metals Like Titanium etc. in Your Facility.
  • DIY Precision Printers & Scanners to Redesigning, & Control Quality of Manufactured Products
  • 3D Printing Allows Distributed Manufacturing and Outsourcing Parts
  • Low Cost Prototyping Abilities are a boons for Many Manufacturing Companies


Virtualization is Extending Company Physical IT Hardware, Using Software and Cloud Computing, to Add Virtual Machines to Realize 'Remote Working', 'Home Office' and 'Adding New Software' at Virtually no Cost to Save Many Wasted Costs and Time
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  • No New Hardware to Buy, Just Use Extra Capacity of Existing Machines
  • Installs a Virtual Platform to Work Like a Real Machine,
  • Run Other Operating Systems (OS) and Software Without Buying New Computers
  • During COVID, Working from Home Became the Norm, Breaking HR Barriers.
  • Using the Same Computer in Office, from Home is Great for Creative Workers
  • Traveling Time & Cost is Not Required to Keep Assignments Going. 
  • A Time Saver to Do Jobs at a Fraction of the Cost & Time. 

Energy Saving

As an On-Going Process, with Energy Audits, switching to LEDs, Analyzing & Fixing ACs, Heaters & Devices etc., Energy Saving Practices Can Show 5%-30% Savings Off Monthly Bills by Stopping Waste.
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  • Save 50%-30% Off Monthly Electricity Bills by Monitoring Equipment with Data-Loggers and IR and US Cameras
  • See & Identify Energy Wastes to Fix Fast
  • Complicated Systems for Large Manufacturing Businesses, Hospital, Hotels, Super Malls etc.
  • Change all Indoor, Outdoor, Warehouse, Showroom, Billboard and Security Lights to LEDs.
  • Find & Fix Heat Losses thru Insulations and Doors etc. that Makes HVAC Run Over-time
  • Regularly Monitor Chosen Energy Points as an Enterprise-Wide Task, Begin Small and Grow Monitoring Points
  • Integrate Company Wide Energy Saving Methods with HR Support


Surveillance Helps Companies Get Best Value from their Security Divisions with Lesser Staff, to Stop Losses, Illegal Events etc. just by Adding a Few Day & ‘Night Vision’ Security Cameras with Recording Devices to Monitor and Record Events for Review.


  • In a world of pilferage & uncertainty, protecting assets is vital
  • We provide tools & devices to keep business and home safe.
  • IP Cameras, both wired and wireless, to view from anywhere
  • Wireless network cameras to remotely monitor home or business on a pc, mac or smartphone.
  • A wide range of night vision security cameras. Monitor in any lighting condition
  • Everything required for surveillance; day or night vision cameras, digital video recorders, networking routers, cables, power supplies etc.
  • It is Best to have a High Capacity Video Recorder or Software so Evidence Can be analysed easily
  • Identify Patterns to catch pilferage, Faulty Work Habits and Neglect etc.

3 Vital Tools to Optimize Costs

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Bluetti Solar Power Generato

24/7 UPS Backup with Solar Panels for Charging

 3-5,000W AC Inverter  3,072Wh LiFePO4 Battery  5400W Max. Fast Dual Charging (Solar + AC)  7 Ways to Recharge (AC / Solar / Car / Generator / Lead-acid Battery / Dual AC / AC + Solar 5400W)


Indoor & Outdoor Heavy-Duty LED Lighting

 Dimmable LED Panels  Garden Lights & Bulbs  Street Light & Replacement Bulbs  Warehouse (High Bay) Lighting  Out-Door Lights to Swap Sodium Lamps


Precision Predictive Maintenance Tools

Widest Range of Infra Red Cameras  Acoustic Imaging (Ultra-Sound Vision)  Fixed Thermal  Gas Detection  Industrial Thermal  Machine Vision  People Counting & Tracking  sUAS Cameras & Kits

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