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Energy Cost is the Easiest to Optimize and is Crucial for Profits  in all Business, Industry or Trade. Alternative energy Sources Help Reduce Energy Costs by over 50%. Infra-Red & Ultra-Sound Tools Stop Energy Waste and increase Efficiency to Save and also Promptly Predict Machine Health, Service & Repairs 

FLIR Infra-Red Camera Attachment for Smart Phones
Thermal Camera with Wireless Connectivity for iOS® and Android™ Devices
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FLIR-TOOLS-Infra-Red & Ultra-Sound Maintenace Tool Store
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O3-Water-Works- Laundry Ozone Attachment Unit
Rep-Rap 3D-Printers
electric-privacy-glass & film-for-door-and-window
IR-Thermal Image of Switchboard Bad Connection
Bluetti Solar-Generator-Kit
MESP Technology
phone device
O3-Water-Works- Laundry Ozone Attachment Unit
-Creativity Polymer-Express 3D-Printer
electric-privacy-glass & film-for-door-and-window
IR-Thermal Imaging Camera
Battery Bank with Solar Panels
MESP-AC-Air Filters

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3D Printer high Speed 16 Color
16 Color 3D Printer-High Speed - - Click for Detail
Ozone 'No Detergent Laundry' - Click for Details
Wind & Solar Hybrid Generator 2000W System with Inverter
Wind & Solar Hybrid Generator - Click for Details
Solar Generator Kit – upto 3000W
Solar Generator Kit – 3000W - Click for Detail
Flexible solar panel to be used with controllers and batteries.
Flexible Solar Panel - Click for Detail
Precision SLA Large Size 3D Printer
Precision SLA Large 3D Printer- Click for Detail
Ozone Sanitizing Spray Bottle - Click for Detail
Thermal Camera with Wireless Connectivity for iOS® and Android™ Smart Devices
IR Camera for iOS® and Android™ - Click for Detail

A Summary. of Technologies we Dicuss here

While Energy & other costs rise,  people realize that switching to Natural Energy is the best decision. We must urgently reduce our Carbon Footprint, and Solar is the easiest way for individuals and businesses alike.  Business can use Solar Energy and get cost benefits and not worry about energy costs anymore.

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Ozone disinfects and oxidizes better than any other Chemical Argent, and leaves only Oxygen as a by-product. Industries and Enterprises can save big money in Water, Air, Food and Chemical Processing wit O3. Businesses can save money spent on Chemicals, Labor, Energy, Time and Maintenance by using Ozone which acts rapidly while guarding the Ecosystem. Ozone is a highly sustainable answer for Cost Optimization 

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Infra-Red Thermal Imaging Cameras and Software can provide report even non-technical people can understand & use. Prompt maintenance and checking energy waste are needed to  optimize cost. IR cameras & simple software can monitor and report machine condition without  a lot of meters, logs, indicators and staff to detect heat, vibration, resistance, current draw, etc. for fault finding.

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All Businesses can reduce Energy use and benefit their bottom line. There are many ways to cut Energy Use and Waste to save money in Machinery, HVAC Systems, Office Equipment and even Water use. Changing to LED Lighting, Fixing Efficient Thermostats, Installing Timers on Power Plugs etc. are some efficient cost-saving measures & methods to easily Optimize and Save

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Over 10 different Additive Manufacturing Technologies are called 3D Printing. The three main types of 3D Printers are Desktop Printers such as DIY or 'out of the box' systems, Professional Printers that generate more Precise Parts, and Industrial Printers that are used for Prototyping or Manufacturing. During the pandemic, Distributed 3D Printing became popular and saves millions for Manufacturers today.

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Privacy On/Off Films stay opaque without power and turns transparent with power. It’s simple to install on existing Glass for lasting Privacy or Extreme Clarity with just a switch, on-demand. There are endless Application of this Technology but we propose using Switchable Privacy to Improving HR comfort at Workplaces and Optimize Performance & Motivation by offering Privacy when Focus is needed most

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Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) are efficient Air Filters with proven ability in early Oil Fields. Our Latest Filters for Central AC buildings trap suspended particles in Air, including Germs, Pollen and Dust. ESPs use least Electricity compared to other Systems. Buy the latest innovation of ESP Filters to trap & destroy COVID, H1N1 and all Germs to create an Infection—free, Clean Air building for happy Staff & Customers 

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Product Details of 'MESP Solution to Fight COVID' in Resources Page

Virtualization is a way of using computer resources more efficiently by creating virtual versions of servers and other infrastructure. A special software is used to do this, allowing companies to work remotely and save money on hardware. With virtualization, people can access software from different locations and work from home. This way of working is particularly useful in the digital age as it means businesses can scale their resources up or down more easily and save time and money.

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The use of surveillance technology can enhance the efficiency of security personnel within a company resulting in the prevention of losses, illegal activities, and other untoward incidents. Through the installation of high-quality cameras equipped with day and night vision features, as well as recording devices for monitoring and reviewing events, companies can substantially reduce the need for additional personnel. This approach enhances the effectiveness of a company's security measures, providing greater protection and peace of mind.

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