Use S.M.A.R.T. Goals When Adding New Technology

We Promote A Few Ways (Tech., Devices & Tools) to Increase Efficiency and ROI of any Sized Business. They Are Sure to Increase your ROI with a Few Small Changes to Show Big Effects.  Higher Efficiency in Below Noted Areas Will Help Reduce Costs. Lowered Costs, Time and Efforts Will Improve Profits and ROI.

New Technologies Help Utilities, Enterprises, Factories, Hotels & Hospitals, every day to Increase their Returns on Investment (ROI). They also Help Companies Save Time and Money and Make Impacts on their Bottom Lines. We Promote a Few Newer Technologies to Increase Efficiency and ROI by Optimizing Costs.

All Suggestion and Tools We Offer Can Fit in the S.M.A.R.T  Goals Framework and Objectives. and helps Improve Existing Practices, Technologies and Processes.


We hand-picked a few Valuable Products based on following Technologies in Our Shop that are easy to Use or Add to your existing Systems. If you need to upgrade a System or fit Products to a specific Requirement in an existing Process, just send us a little more data and Our Technical Team will provide necessary Information to you towards Cost Saving Success. All Tech. Based Solutions Offered here Can Fit in Your S.M.A.R.T. Goals!

8 Key Technologies to Optimize Cost & Profit

Vertical-Axis-Permanent-Maglev-Wind-Turbine-Generator-Free-Energy-Windmill-12v-24v-with Solar Panels
1500W Vertical Axis Wind Turbine With 220v Inverter
Solar Roofing Tiles – 35W ea. – Set of 3

Having so much Free Energy around, should we waste money on Energy? All it takes is a Onetime Investment on a Solar, Wind or Hydro System to match the Industry and Environment. Energy is the biggest support to a higher ROI of any Business or Enterprise. Long Term ROI growth is assured as Solar or Wind Systems pay back in 5 to 8 years, with a service life of well over 20 years. Set S.M.A.R.T Goals and change your Power Dependency

Combination Of Roofing Tiles with Thin Film Solar Technology Can Replace Old-Style Ceramic Tiles and also  Usual Photovoltaic Panels. 30w Single Glass Solar Tile Solar Tiles with Three Curved Shapes and Laminated Double Tempered Curved Glass Is Waterproof and Thermal Insulated, Suitable for Zero Energy Buildings. This innovation can also minimize the need for Solar Farms that take-up massive areas of land & animals

Predictive Maintenance

FLIR-IR Attachment for-Smartphones-
FLIR ONE® Edge Pro

Faulty or Aging Machines, Switchgear & Equipment consume more Energy than Usually shown in Specifications of Machines and Equipment. Switch-boards and Electrical Connection degrade over time and Heat-up wasting Paid-for Energy. Identify such Wastes early can save money and sudden break-downs. Regular Maintenance too can be planned well in advance with new Tools and support Software.

IR-Thermal Imaging Camera
FLIR Advanced Thermal Camera

Energy Saving & Optimization

Numerous -LED-Light Tech-
Factory Direct- Full Range of LED s
40w LED Motion Sensor Wall Lamps with PIR
40w LED Motion Sensor Wall Lamps with PIR

An average Home loses about 30% of the Energy they pay for. Larger Building Like Hotels and Hospitals, Factories, Industries and Enterprises loose much more. Main causes are aging Machines and Equipment, wasteful processes and human neglect. Its good to remember that every Watt of power saved is free energy earned. Another good area to Set S.M.A.R.T Goals, change your Carbon Footprint and Save Money and the Planet too. By running regular Energy Audits, Building HR awareness, switching to LEDs for Indoor and Outdoor uses and Checking Machinery and Vehicles with IR and US Tools, significant savings can be registered with little effort. Using commonly available Proximity Switches may be a good starting point.


Need Energy Management Systems for Large Installations?

We provide off-the-shelf solutions that are more efficient, quicker and easier to install, and perform better in all important areas, including wireless sensor and control capabilities, real-time metering, and communication.

These systems offer, upon invitation, paid audits, creative shared profits or direct payment term contracts etc. which are future-proof, cloud-configurable, and adaptable.

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Active Oxygen (O3) Ozone

Endless Ozone-Applications
Global Industrial Ozone Expertise

If well informed, Most Enterprises and industries can use Oxidation with Ozone to their advantage. Uses like Recycling Liquid Waste, Adding Oxygen to AC Air, Destroying Germs and Smells without Chemicals, Lowering Laundry and costs. Purifying Process Water etc. can Save much Industrial Costs. It is now Required to pre-wash Bottles and Equipment in Bottling Plants with Ozone Water before filling. The FDA has approve Using Ozone to Clean and Extend Life of all Food Products. also read our  reports for more data..

Ozone is an advanced Future Technology, which can be integrated with almost every Industry. Extra values can be added in any sector with Ozone to increase efficiency and reduce Costs, while reducing the Environmental impact of your Industry as well.

Unique properties of Ozone are beneficial to all applications and users of Water and Air. It’s Positive side effects, Efficiency and Economy makes it highly attractive to all,

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HR Wellness Optimize

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Ozone-Spray Bottle
Ordinary Tap Water Into Aqueous Ozone, A Powerful Sanitizer

Most important Asset of any Business, Enterprise or Industry is its Human (HR) Resource. Insurance after the event for sickness is Common practice in Most Companies. We Propose additional ways to Reduce Sickness, Sick Leave, Measure Staff Wellness and Raise Motivation for higher Productivity. ROI is a direct function of HR Efficiency, which depends on the Health and Mindset of Staff and their Interaction with their Clients. Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals here can change your HR  Loyalty.

Today, Epi-genetic Science is in the cutting-edge of Human Wellness. However, the Pharma industry may not be sidelined from curing sicknesses for a long time. We propose you act while you are healthy to preserve your wellness for as long as you can. Natural aging and Sickness will get to all of us in time. Stay Optimized while we can. Request to Read More to Know about How Epigenetics and Food Control Our Health.

Privacy On / Off Glass

electric-privacy-glass & film-for-door-and-window
On / Off Privacy -

Need for Privacy to Perform Precise Jobs In Today’s New Digital Work Situations. Privacy is Yet ignored, as in the industry 2.0 Era, when Mass Production and Aggressive Sales Won the Day. Staff, when Stressed, Get Distracted and Make Costly Mistakes. Privacy Is Vital for Sensitive or Critical Jobs. Using Privacy Film on Existing Glass Allows Controlling Privacy with   a Switch when needed. From Manual Laborers to CEO and Chairman can perform better with On-Off Privacy!


  • With a Small Current, Switch a Whole Area to Private
  • Privacy On Demand is Ideal for Staff who must FOCUS
  • A Must Have for Teams Who Need Quality Time, Without Distraction.
  • From Board-Rooms to Lunch-Rooms to Labs and Factory Areas-
    to Cut Distractions & Boost Efficiency.
  • Disruptions Usually Cost Much More to Rectify After an Event has Occurred.
  • Manual-Worker to The CEO and Chairman Love and Need Privacy to Perform Diligently.
  • Ability To Switch Privacy Creates a Unified Atmosphere

3D Printing

Precision Large Size 3D Printer
Blue-Light 3D-Scanne
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Additive Manufacturing May Not Look Very Useful in Daily Operations. When COVID-19 Disrupted Global Supply Chains and Broke-Down Medical Supplies, Most Medical Hardware Were Printed Locally Harnessing the Power Of 3D Printers in all Corners of The Country, Showing the Power of Distributed Manufacturing to The World.  If Used with Some Thought, S.M.A.R.T Goals and   Planning, Small to Large 3D Printers Can be Most Useful Tools to Increase Manufacturing Efficiency, Reduce Costs and ROI

“While the mainstream media continues its obsession with 3D Printing, another quiet, perhaps more impactful, disruption is revolutionizing the way products are designed, engineered, manufactured, inspected and archived. It’s 3D scanning — the act of capturing data from objects in the real world and bringing them into the digital pipeline”.

“Most of the key developments in 3D scanning have come about in less than a decade. Indeed. 3D scanning is a fast-growing discipline with tremendous potential in the future.”  –  To explore an Ultra-Precise range of 3D scanners, please visit (not affiliated in any way)

Germ and COVID Destroying AC Filters

MESP-AC-Air Filters
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We Supply Advanced Electro-Static Filters that Destroy All Virus, Bactria, Fungus, Pollen etc. in Circulating Air in AC Spaces, especially useful during this COVID-19 fiasco. Our ESP Falters also remove all Dust and Pollen, upgrading Indoor Air  to Clean Room quality. No more Allergy or Asthma, or dust in your building. Change all your Central AC Filters to Electro Static Filters now. Request Quotes for Special Electro-Static Air Filters for your Building HVAC System and Save.

The test report from SGS, a well-known Swiss inspection, certification and testing organization, shows 99.99% of H1N1 virus has been killed by KJ MESP portable air purifiers.

Through the course of the three air flow passes conducted an average
of 99.99% of SARS-COV-2 virus reduction was observed

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