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Our ‘Cost-Savvy’ Technical and Accounting Team  Created These Easy-To-Digest Compilations about Some Technologies we Love and Promote.

These Documents Give Insights into Technologies & Tools we Propose and Provide for Optimizing Operations & Costs.

Download and Share, Ask Any Questions and Request More Details or Tell Us If They are Useful or not – write to Team Cost-Savvy

Preddctive Maintenance
Integrating Technologies for Cost Optimization PDF
uses of Ozone the Miracle Gas PDF
Solar - cost to savings PDF
adding battery storage to solar - PDF
Ozone O3 The Inustrial Miracle

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  3. Synchrono® Synchrono® Demand-Driven manufacturing software 
    [We are not affiliated to above Companies. They are leaders  and valuable resources for serious Optimization]
Bluetti Solar Power Generato

24/7 UPS Backup with Solar Panels for Charging

 3-5,000W AC Inverter  3,072Wh LiFePO4 Battery  5400W Max. Fast Dual Charging (Solar + AC)  7 Ways to Recharge (AC / Solar / Car / Generator / Lead-acid Battery / Dual AC / AC + Solar 5400W)


Indoor & Outdoor Heavy-Duty LED Lighting

 Dimmable LED Panels (W/ Remote)  Domestic Fixtures  Garden Lights & Bulbs  Street Light & Bulbs  Warehouse (High Bay) Lighting  Out-Door Lights for Sodium Lamps


Precision Predictive Maintenance Tools

Widest Range of Infra Red Cameras  Acoustic Imaging (Ultra-Sound Vision)  Fixed Thermal  Gas Detection  Industrial Thermal  Machine Vision  People Counting & Tracking  sUAS Cameras & Kits