Make Your Maintenance Simpler with Technology

Biggest Horror of any Factory is a Sudden Breakdown due to Overdue Maintenance!
Having to Stop Production ‘’Until Further Notice’’ If a Critical Part Breaks and if a Spare is not at Hand, The Nightmare Becomes Real. Supply Chains, Distributors, Chanel Workers, Managers, Maintenance and Customers all Get Stressed. Sales and Marketing Look for Places to Hide and Doubt How they Can Regain the Losing Market Share. Furthermore, Executives and Owners Will Push Production Manager to ‘Near Suicide’ If Getting a Vital Part Takes Weeks or Months!

Thermal-Imaging can Simplify Maintenance

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Above May Look Like the Script of a Horror Movie But, this Happens Every Day to Some Un-Prepared Companies. A Simple Predictive Maintenance Program in Place Can Avoid the Nightmare. In The Past, Before Predictive Maintenance Was Simpler, Many Companies Have Lost Markets and Gone Out of Business and Customers, Never to Recover Due to Such Sudden Break-Downs.

In Addition to Machine Health, Thermography and Ultra-Sound Scanning Can also Pinpoint Leaky Pipes, Hot & Cold Air Leaks, Faulty AC & Motors, Bad Electrical Connection, Equipment, Steam Traps, Pipes in Walls and Fire Hazards Etc. Etc. For Prompt Action and Savings. Ultrasound Scanner are Capable of Pinpointing Excess Vibrations which are usually ignored but can indicate problems at their very earliest stages.

Ultra-Sound Imaging to Simplify Maintenance

Next Most Useful Tool Worth Adding to The Maintenance Tool Kit is a Small Ultrasound Scanner to Visualize Vibrations of Rotating or Moving Machines Like Motors or Conveyors. After a while Benchmarks Can Be Set-Up for Each Asset. By Seeing Such Reports Oil Changes, Alignment Checks, Bearing Conditions and Many Other Parameters Can Be Checked Very Accurately and Precise Corrections Can Be Made for Best Performance. It Is Amazing How Small Vibrations Can Tell a Trained Engineer the Entire Story of Machinery and Their Functioning.

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Accurately 'Predict' Next Shut-Down

Traditional Maintenance Methods were Also Preventive and Predictive in Nature, but The Practical Difficulties Didn’t always give Accurate Results. 

According To Maintenance Practices , Important Meter Readings Must Be Recorded with Precision if a Fair Prediction is to be Made. Sometimes, Juniors who do not Realize the Value of These Records Neglect such Careful Recording of Data. Unclear Reading Can Lead to Wrong Planning for Maintenance and Can Cause Sudden Breakdown, Without Enough Spares in Stock or Finished Goods in the Warehouse to Keep Customers Happy

Predictive Maintenance is Reassuring

Early predictions are useful to prepare Parts and staff before a failure. However, it is not practical to store too many replacement parts in advance. Most Factory Managers may like to keep a full stock of parts. The Finance Manger prefers everything ‘Just-in-Time.’ However, the Owner may prefer Maintenance totally differed if possible so the bottom line looks good. This is where  Cost ‘Optimization’ wins over ‘Cutting’

Now, Days of Keeping Logs Are or at least Soon Will Be. Based On the Cost the Production Team Wishes to Allocate for Maintenance, Various Methods of Maintenance Can Be Adopted. Preventive Maintenance is Usually Costlier Than Predictive Maintenance. Fortunately, Latest Predictive Maintenance Can Match all other Methods with Ease.

Begin an Easy Predictive Maintenance Culture

Most efficient parameters to observe are heat and vibration for predicting process conditions. With existing technology Predicative Maintenance is easy and scalable too. You can start with a low budget and increase the sophistication to natch reach organizational expectations and allocation limits.

For a Small Business or Factory, an Infrared Thermometer is all that is needed to Begin a Predictive Maintenance Program.

To Begin a Routine of Predictive Maintenance;
Most Critical Assets of a Location (eg. the Factory) Can Be Identified so, a Monitoring Routine Can Be Established with a Numbering Scheme.
Then, Benchmarks for Each Point can be Identified by Measuring these Points Over a Period of Time.
By So Doing, Charts and Graphs can be Established for each Asset.
Then, By Checking Assets Against Those Benchmarks, the Health Trend of each Asset can be easily Seen, to Plan a Maintenance Program and Manage Spare Parts. Staff, Shut-Downs etc.A simple excel sheet in the computer will show status of Assets, on which Maintenance programs may be established. This very report will help order replacements early or arrange alternate methods of production. This way it is easy to predict any breakdown and plan repairs during times of least Stress.

Ready for The 5G-IoT Easy Maintenance Era ?

IoT Management & Contro
Energy' Monitor & Save' Systems Integrations

One Distinct Benefit of Getting Used to A Predictive Maintenance Regime will be Seen when 5G Becomes Widely Available. Most Telecoms are Already Testing Their Installed 5G Equipment Now. Hundreds of Micro Sensors Can Be Connected to a Central Hub When 5G Is Ready, here, Predictions Can be Made about the Health of Machines Around the Country or World. Then, The Hub Can Send Spare Parts Just-in-Time to a Specific Machine Needing Repair or Replacement.