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Offered Tools: an Intro

We Explain Below, some Cutting-Edge Tech. & Tools We Propose to Cut Your Business Costs and How These Technologies & Tools Help Reduce Costs, Raise Efficiency and Grow Profits. Also see Our Products Page for a Full Range of Tools.

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1. Ozone Oxidation

O3 (Oxone) Can Reduce or End Daily Chemical Use to Disinfect & Neutralize Toxins in Air, Water & Food by Oxidizing them Away.


PURPOSE: To Purify, Sanitize, Disinfect & Sterilize Without Extra Chemicals.

JOBS: Alternative to Using Lots of Chemicals Such as  Chlorines, Detergents, Deodorants, Laundry Agents etc.

    • Purify Foul Air, Destroy all Indoor Smells, Mildew, Bacteria and Sterilize Cold Rooms & Operating Theaters
    • Disinfect, Sanitize & Purify all types of Water (Drinking, Wash, Pool and Industrial Waste),
    • Remove Pesticides and Chemicals in Food (Meat, Fish, Vege. & Fruits). O3 is SPECIFIED Now to Pre-Wash in Food Packing & Bottling Plants.
    • Washing Agri. Products Along the Cold Chain To Extend Shelf Life,
    • Cut Laundry Heating, Water & Detergent Use by Min.60% & Cut Extra Chemicals.

PRODUCTS: Air Purifiers, Water Purifier, Food Detox Washer, Oxygen-Fed Industrial Ozone Generators for Building / Factory-Wide O3 Supply


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Calibration of output through latest UV and Ultra Sonic Technologies – for all Makes & Uses

O3 Air-Purifier
O3 Air-Purifier
O3 Air & Water
O3 Food Detox

2. Alternate Energy

Advanced Solar, Wind & Hydro Devices Can Provide 50% - 100% Of Daily Energy Needs to offset Grid Bills


PURPOSE: Tap Energy from Free Source (Solar, Wind, Hydro etc.) to Reduce Grid Bills & Reduce Fossil Fuels Use

JOBS: Cheaper Power for Buildings, Factories, Industries and Homes

    • Achieve Energy Freedom to Self Power as much as Possible
    • Use Grid Power Only for High-Current Loads (Big Motors &, Machines) and Use Alternative Energy for Minor Loads (Lights & Appliances)
    • Power Monitoring and IoT Devices from Ambient Light in Rooms
    • Pre-Heat Water for Boilers, Washing Plants etc. to Reduce Cost
    • Tap Flowing Streams and Strong Winds with Solar/Wind/Hydro Hybrids

PRODUCTS: Portable Solar Devices, Flexible Panels, Solar Power System, Power Banks, Virtual Power Plants, Mini Wind (Roof) & Surface Hydro

Foldable Solar
Flexible Panels
Solar Lighting
Car Bat. Bank
Solar Systems
Flexible Panels

3. Infra-Red & Ultra-Sound Imaging

Find Faults in Machines, Electrical Systems, Piping, Cold Room & ACs etc. & Save Costly Failures


PURPOSE: Easily Find Faults in Machines, Vehicles, Electrical Circuits, Plumbing, Heaters, ACs, Equipment etc. & Spot Energy Waste and Developing Faults.

JOBS: Machine Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance, Electrical Faull-Finding

  • Find & Fix Faults Quickly, Before Growing into Costly Breakdowns
  • Diagnose Machinery, Vehicle Engines, Moving Parts & Electrical Circuits
  • Find Faults in PCBs of Electronic Equipment, Switchgear, Circuit Breakers etc.
  • Find Failing Electrical Joints, Switch Board, Terminations & Failing Cables etc.
  • Find Leaking Pipes in Walls, Steam-Traps, AC Ducts etc.
  • Potential Fire Hazards & Easy Fire Fighting by Finding the Source
  • Detect Machine Vibration, Alignments, Need for Oil Change etc. with US Tools.
  • Fixed Machine Vision for Advanced Fault Finding and Optimizations
  • Hand Held and Video Cameras for energy & Machine Health

PRODUCTS: Real Time & Video Camera, Hand-Held Ultra Sound Cam, Fixed IR Camera, Non Contact Thermometers

IR Image+Meter
IR phone Unit
IR PCB Repair
Hand IR Tool
IR Phone Repair
Precise IR Tool

4. Privacy On/Off Film

Add Piracy Control to existing Glass & Provide Quality Focus Time to HR & Teams and Switch with a Remote

PRIVACY ON/OFF FILM For Existing Clear-Glass

PURPOSE:  Add ‘On-Demand’ Privacy to Existing Clear Glass to Support Staff Increase Efficiency

JOBS: Add Switchable Privacy to Installed Clear Glass

    • Help Increase  FOCUS of Staff, who Handle Tasks Needing Attention
    • Support Teams Who Need Quality Time to Work Without Distraction.
    • Add Privacy as Needed to Board-Rooms, Lunch-Rooms, Labs and Factory.
    • Cut Away Distraction & Boost Efficiency, without Costly Disruptions
    • Help Simple Manual-Workers to The CEO & Chairman Perform Diligently.
    • Creates a Unified Work Space, Knowing Privacy is Available on a Switch

PRODUCTS: Samples for  Testing & Estimation, Adhesive & Non-Adhesive Film for Glass, Film in Custom Shapes, Various Types of Controllers

5. Anti-Germ AC Filters

Latest HVAC Electro Static Filter Destroy Virus, Bacteria & Fungus & Stop Dust to reduce Diseases & Sick-Leave


PURPOSE: Kill Infections like COVID & Block Spreading to Staff thru AC Air

JOBS: Make Circulating HVAC Indoor Air Germ & Dust Free Without Reducing Flow

  • Proven Worldwide to Stop COVID-19 & H1N1 Viruses
  • Stop Virus, Bacteria, Fungus & Pollen Entering the AC Air & Spreading.
  • Stop Contagious Diseases (COVID, Flu etc.) Attacking Visitors & Staff thru AC
  • Stop Dust and Particles Entering and Spreading in Building via Central ACs
  • Reduce Sickness, Sick Leave, Asthma Attacks etc., Effortlessly
  • Reduce Medicare and Cleaning Costs
  • Clean Air Makes a Pleasant and Safe for Staff or Visitors.
  • No Need to Replace Filters, Just Wash and Reuse to Reduce Recurring Costs.
  • Showroom, Factory, Hotel Infection-Free  for Active People.
  • Due To Its Unique Design Latest Filters Don’t Block Air Flow, Causing Discomfort and Higher Electricity Use.

PRODUCTS: Filters for Air Handlin Unit, Fan Coli, Air Intake, Stand Alone Units, Ceiling Mounted Filters, Room Air Purifiers with HEPA Filters

6. 3D Printers & Scanners

Use 3D Tools to Redesign, Prototype & Create Parts & Products to Stop Urgent Outsourcing Time & Costs


PURPOSE: Add Product Creation, Re-design, Quality-Control & Reverse-Engineering Capabilities to Business, Enterprises or Factory

JOBS: Use Desktop Manufacturing to Support Existing Manufacturing

  • Quick Produce Urgent Parts to Continue Jobs at Hand
  • Build Parts or Integrate to Main Manufacturing Process in Situ
  • Begin Distributed Manufacturing in Remote Location
  • Print any Material, From Simple & Complex Plastic to Glass to Metals
  • Over 10 Master Tech. Types to Print  from the Comfort of Your Inhouse Facility.
  • Re-designing, Reverse-Engineer & Quality-Control with Precision Scanners. 
  • Hire Design, Print & QC Services to Associated Businesses.
  • Advanced 3D Printing Allows Remote OR Distributed Manufacturing Jobs.
  • Low Cost & Fast Prototyping for Many Consumer Goods manufacturing.

PRODUCTS: RepRap,  DIY & Hobby Printers & Scanners, Desktop Professional Multi-Plastic Printers, Industrial Metal Printer, VAT Polymer Precision Printers

7. Virtual Machines & Remote Office

Multiply Your IT Dept. for FREE. Use Virtual Machines Instead of Buying New Equipment and Find Secure Solutions for Remote Working to Save Cost



PURPOSE: Add Extra Computing Power of IT Dept. without Buying new Hardware

JOBS: Expand IT Capabilities to Allow New Applications and Processes

  • Magnify Computing Capacity & Capabilities
  • Enhance Networking for Testing New Software, Apps, Cloud Integration etc.
  • Conveniently Extend Computing Power Without Buying New Hardware etc.
  • Use Extra Space of a Physical Machine for Virtualization and Installs a Virtual Platform That Is Much Like Real Machine
  • Run Other Operating Systems and Software On Existing Computers.
  • Allow Supervised ‘Work-from-Home’ & Connect to Same Computer in Office.
  • Use as a Great Neutralizer for Creative Individual Workers & Teams
  • Cut Traveling Time &, Cost and Office Space Requirements 
  • Work from Anywhere Through the Cloud, Biggest Cost and Time Saver 

PRODUCTS: Virtual-Box, VM Ware etc. Free to Begin & Downloadable with a Free Account . (Follow links, get it Free, and Try it) 

8. Energy Saving

Cut Waste & Save on Grid Bills and Support Environment Protection By not Burning more Fossil Fuel


PURPOSE: Stop Energy Wastages and Reduce Monthly Electricity Grid Bills 

JOBS: Find Energy Wastages and Correct them to Save Money & the Planet

  • Reduce Energy Use by Identifying & Fixing Waste
  • Use LEDs as Indoor, Out-Door, Warehouse & Billboard Lights to Cut Costs 
  • Convert Warehouse and Security Light to LEDS
  • Find Faulty Equipment With Predictive Maintenance Tools and Fix
  • Fix AC, Heating, Cooling & Insulation Losses Early
  • Support Environment Protection By not Burning more Fossil Fuel

PRODUCTS: IR & US Tools from Maintenance Dept., Data Loggers, Range of Indoor, Outdoor, High Output & Security LED Lights

9. Surveillance

The use of surveillance technology can enhance the efficiency of security personnel within a company resulting in the prevention of losses, illegal activities, and other untoward incidents. Through the installation of high-quality cameras equipped with day and night vision features, as well as recording devices for monitoring and reviewing events, companies can substantially reduce the need for additional personnel. This approach enhances the effectiveness of a company's security measures, providing greater protection and peace of mind.

3 Key Products to Help Cut Costs

Buy these Products  – Direct from Manufacturers!

Bluetti Solar Power Generato

24/7 UPS Backup with Solar Panels for Charging

 3-5,000W AC Inverter  3,072Wh LiFePO4 Battery  5400W Max. Fast Dual Charging (Solar + AC)  7 Ways to Recharge (AC / Solar / Car / Generator / Lead-acid Battery / Dual AC / AC + Solar 5400W)


Indoor & Outdoor Heavy-Duty LED Lighting

 Dimmable LED Panels (W/ Remote)  Domestic Fixtures  Garden Lights & Bulbs  Street Light & Bulbs  Warehouse (High Bay) Lighting  Out-Door Lights for Sodium Lamps


Precision Predictive Maintenance Tools

Widest Range of Infra Red Cameras  Acoustic Imaging (Ultra-Sound Vision)  Fixed Thermal  Gas Detection  Industrial Thermal  Machine Vision  People Counting & Tracking  sUAS Cameras & Kits

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