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Latest Central AC Filters that Destroy Viruses and Save Occupants!

Latest Central AC Electrostatic (ES) Filers Destroy Viruses in Central ACs. for those Who Live and Work in Air-Conditioned Spaces These Filers Additionally Destroy Bacteria, Fungus, Pollen, Micro Organisms and Dust in the Circulating Central AC Air. This Makes the Air Virtually Germ and Dust Free. High Voltages in Filter Plates Destroy all Germs, Including COVID-19 types. MESP Range of Filters (request details & buy) for Homes, Buildings and Kitchens are Available as Stand-Alone Units for Small AC Spaces (Like Rooms and Halls) Or as Attachments to Larger HVAC (Central AC) Systems. On The Plus Side, These Filters Are Washable and Don’t Need Regular Replacement Like Traditional ES Fitter. Control Viruses in Air for Better Protected Staff and Customers who May Just Feel Safer in Germ-Free Air!

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Many Virus and Germs are Air Borne and they can infect others sharing the same Air. This is clearly seen as cross contamination of flue or fever in crowded offices and large buildings. Ironically, opening windows may dilute the concentration of Germs in the Air but the pollution outside is why we Airconditioned in the first place.

Conventional Air Conditioner Systems, especially Central Air Conditioner Systems are breading grounds for Viruses in Air and all Germs (Virus, Bacteria, Fungus, Other Micro Organisms). When one person contracts a flue and brings it to office. In a few days the entire office is suffering with the flue and most of the staff have to go on sick leave.

It is debated if this Virus was manufactured in a Lab and if it obeys natural laws of growth and decay. COVID-19 Virus is Air bourn. It travels on dust particles etc. thru the Air. If a virus enters an Air Condoned space it could easily travel with the Air flow throughout the entire system. Periodic Ozone disinfection is not good enough to handle this situation, though it may do some good.

The new technology must destroy the Virus and all Germs in Air and it should filter dust articles in circulation. Like Ozone, the system must be able to stop or breakdown large smell and other oil molecules in the Air.

Clean Air Nurtures Good Moods, Health and Happiness

Make the Air 99.9% Virus and Dust free by adding Electro Static Filters that Destroy Viruses in Central-AC System. All Germs are Trapped and Destroyed within the AC System itself to make the circulating Air Germ and Dust Free. On the positive side, COVID-19 has accrued huge benefits to  Human, and even animal communities. People are more aware of Hygiene, than before. Many brand-new Technologies suddenly have platforms to perform. General lifestyles have taken a drastic up turn.

Intelligent Clean Air Purification System
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It is time to evaluate best protection methods for COVID-19 (or any Bio-Innovations) while we protect ourselves with latest tools.

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