Bluetti Solar-Generator-Kit

Make Massive Savings With Alternate Energy!

Over 30% Of an Industry’s or Enterprise’s Cost Accounts for Energy. Currently, The Grid is the Easiest and Most Reliable Source of Power. But, The Cost of Grid-Based Power Is Rising Every Day Because It Is Derived from Fossil Fuels.

Energy From Renewable Sources are Available for Free. Cost to Buy a Renewable Energy Harvesting System is the Only  Requirement!

These Alternative Energy Systems Become More and More Affordable as Technologies Develop.

Best move towards Optimizing and Reducing Cost  is Beginning to Use Sustainable Energy in your Operation to see Shot and Long Term Gains.

Flexible Solar Panels Weigh Less


A Newer Wave Is Working Now to Channel Heat from The Earth’s Core for Heat, Usable in Generating Electricity. Power. Businesses Must Save With Alternate Energy and Use the Grid for Heavy Loads. By Doing This, Huge Savings Can Be Made While Also Saving a Bit of The Planet.

Global Total-Energy-Mix 2017
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With all the Hype about Pollution, the Environment, and all bad effects of Fossil Fuels, the World is still running on Fossil Fuels. This graphic of Global Energy Use in 2017 shows how our Energy Needs are still met by Fossil Fuels despite abundant Renewable Energy around us.

Only 2% used Solar Energy!


Solar & Wind Energy Farms Destroy the Environment too!

We Already Know How to Burn Fossil Fuels to Attain Huge Benefits, though, While Polluting the Planet in the Process. But, Are We Going to Abandon Infrastructure Built in the Last Century in Our Frenzy  to Save the Planet?

Trying To Reset the Entire Planet in The Name of a ‘New Evil / Blessing’ will Just be even More Flawed than the Earlier Mistake of Digging for Oil. To Obtain Benefits Similar to Burning Fossil Fuels for 100 Years, we may Need Acres of Virgin Land to Set Up Wind or Solar Farms. The Destruction of Already Stressed Fauna and Flora Will Be Devastating.

Manufacturing Solar Panels also can Pollute the Environment with Many Highly Potency Chemical Elements. Ageing Panels and Batteries will Need Careful Defusing after 25-40 Years to Stop these Elements Joining The Environment and adding More Pollution.

Wind & Solar Hybrid Generator 2000W System with Inverter
Solar Roofing Tiles Cost Less

Keep the Golden Goose (Grid) and the Golden Eggs?

A Happy Medium Can now be Found as an  Advance Civilization. Ready to Reset the  Global Environment With AI. Every Roof and Window Glass Can Be Used to Generate Energy from Abundant Sunlight.

Small Wind Turbines Canst Be Used in all Wind Tunnels to Give Enough Energy for Daily Appliances.

Extra Power Can now Be Shared Through the Existing Grid.

Grid Supplied Power is ideal to Power all Heavy Loads. This Is the Model We Support.

By this Symbiosis between Alternate Energy Sources and the Conventional Grid Supplied Power, all Existing Assets will Accrue More Value to Society. Unused Assets Will Come to The Ledger. Future Pollution Potential with Harsher things can Also Be Subverted. Efficiency Of the Civilization Will Skyrocket. New Children of all Animals Will Find a Better Planet to Inhabit

Bold Fact

We must accept that our Biggert Cost is Energy. It is unfortunate, even after such a blow as the Pandemic to Average People, nobody is thinking of using Free Energy that is all around them. They still worship Fossil Fuels that continue to take away the little Air we have to breath. Long Term Income Generators, the Industrialists, are who must Optimize the use of Fossil based Energy and tap more Free Solar, Wind and Hydro Energies.