Industrial 3D Printer
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3D Printing in Manufacturing,

Simple as it may seem, many wonderful applications of this technology are in use today. Parts of Aircraft are made in small quantities, in Titanium, at a fraction of the traditional  cost.

Mass producers are now cutting their prototyping costs and design times, so better products are put out sooner at much  lower costs.

A Wide Choice of 3D Printers and Material

The utilization of basic 3D printers involves the use of plastic or easily meltable filament to extrude a thermoplastic material in layers along the X, Y, and Z axes to create the desired model. Numerous types of 3D printing or additive manufacturing processes were developed by research and development to suit the properties of the material used, its limitations, and possible applications. Currently, a vast array of materials is available as filament for RepRap and other FFM-type printers that are reasonably priced and have the potential to produce cost-saving additions to an enterprise or business.

Industrial 3D Printing, also known as Additive Manufacturing, can greatly benefit various industries, businesses, and even individuals. With its innovative approach, it has revolutionized mass production by transitioning from a high-energy consuming process to an eco-friendly and efficient one. Furthermore, it has paved the way towards cost-effective manufacturing-on-demand, allowing businesses to fulfill specific product and part requests while reducing their expenses. This new development in the industry has enabled distributed manufacturing, which has proven to be a profitable reality for businesses.
Industrial 3D Printer
Carbon Combo high Speed 16 Colors Printer

A Revolution in The History of Manufacturing

History of our World changed when the founder of 3D Systems Inc. patented 3D Printing in 1986, as a new technique called Stereo Lithography. We consider this a Path-Changing event in Human History. After that, many others also came up with various specializations of 3D Printing. In 2007, Dr. Adrian Bowyer came up with the Rep Rap Project to design a Printer that can print another 3D Printer. Paradoxical as it may seem this was the first real-life Self Replicating Machine (correct me). But 3D Printing did not take over and dominate the world of manufacturing. The technology grew horizontally into all kinds of 3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing so much, today there are 10 mainstream types of Additive Manufacturing systems being perfected. Technologies to Print various materials, from Plastics to any kind of Metal are commercially available now.

Many 3DP Technologies to Serve You!

Today there are over 10 mainstream types of Industrial 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing systems being perfected. Technologies to Print using various materials, from Plastics to Glass to Metals are freely available

Precision SLA Large Size 3D Printer
Precision SLA Large Size 3D Printer

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