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Make Huge Savings with Big Print-Area 3D Printers 

Producing Million Units of a Piece with Industrial 3D Printers May Not Be Child’s Play. But, The Ability to Change Quality Easily to Match Various Markets Using Distributed 3D Printing Is a Hidden Advantage. Usually, The Design & Prototyping Processes Is Very Complex and Expensive. One Error Can Sway the Producer Out of The Market for a While. Case Studies By The German Company Bigrep Tells Amazing Stories On How Large Scale Manufacturers Make Notable Savings. Larger Size Industrial Grade 3D Printer are Slashing Prototyping Costs Of Many Consumer Goods Companies.

Hidden Costs of that Plastic Chair In your Lawn!

Conventional Design Process Demands Making Many Prototypes and Refining Them. Think-Tanks, Designers And, Marketer Must Labor for Many Hours Until the Final ‘Production Ready’ Prototype Is Finally Made. Items In the Super Store Have Gone Thought Huge Investments of Prototyping and Design Time to Get There and All Extra Expense Must BE Paid by The Customer. All those Errors, Pizza and Wine Costs Are Included in The Selling Price. As The Manufacturer Would You Rather Cut this Design Cost and Share Some of the Savings with Your Customer. As A Customer Would You Prefer a Small Discount, So You Can By 5 Units for The Price Of 4. It’s All in The Math and Technology. By Optimizing Cost the Company can Share the Extra Profit with the Customer and Expand the Operation too. 

Why Prototyping is Important!

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Lead Time Could be the Time a Design on Paper Takes to Appear in a Shop Window. It Could also be from the Time the Marketing Dept. Recognizes an Upcoming Need till a Product Is Offered for Sale in Showrooms. However, many Delicate Mental and Physical Parts May Be Needed to Make Up a Final Prototype, from Which Mass Production can happen. Each Part Requires Precise Attention since Many Parts Add Up to make a Single Product.

From Prototype to Mass Production

In the Next Step, The Foundry and Pattern Shop Will Build Sand Casts Out of These Prototypes. Sand Casts are Negative Patterns of The Prototypes. Then These Sand Casts are Used to Make those Actual Machine Parts with Stainless Steel or Cast Iron. Industrial 3D Printers in Metals, Ceramics and Other Composites Have Made Such Productions Much Cheaper and Less Time Consuming. Savings in Costs and Precision can be Noteworthy.

Simply Put, Additive Manufacturing Helps Turn Complex Models of Marketing Dept.’s To Real Product. 3D Computer Aided Designers Can Finetune a Design, Until A Final Design Is Printed on an Industrial 3D Printer.

Same Principal Applies to Any Mass Produced Good, From Fine Jewelry to Massive Machines to Transport Equipment.

Industrial 3D Printers Gave Small Product Makers Like Jewelers, Machine Part Makers and Small Goods Makers a Feast. They Could Manufacture Small Quantities for Cheaper or Almost the Same Price as if Mass Producing. Resin Casting a Design of an Intricate Gold or Platinum Ring Offers a Jeweler a Huge Cost Advantage.

He Could Cast on Demand or On-Orders and does not have to Make Thousands of Rings to Make Things Profitable. Larger and More Precise the Part Is Many Industries Can Adopt AM For Prototyping Mass Goods with Heavy Savings. Ford Motors Is One Such Early Adopter of AM/3D Printing. They Once Claimed That They Saved Prototype Lead Times for Manufacturing Tooling By 94%.

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Soon Everyone Will Save With 3D Printing

New 3D Printing and additive manufacturing techniques have served Jewelers for some time now to mass produce very expensive, limited editions at much lower cost. What is more interesting is the advent of lager Print area Printers of various Plastics material. Print areas of 1 cubic meters or more can help designers of larger industrial and consumer goods such as large Machines and Parts, Vehicle Parts and even Consumer Goods such as Furniture and Chairs can cut their design expense and time by over 60%. Larger the Print area and more precise the print became, more and more industries could adopt AM for Prototyping mass goods with heavy savings of money time and other resources. 

Some Plastic Chair and Table manufacturers in Europe take great advantage by increasing their diversity of range with the savings in time and money.

Our Message for the Cost Savvy

Any Manufacturer can Save With 3D Printers in their Production Process